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So, I'm Kupo ( previously Chiisai ), and I've been playing TCGs on and off since 2008. My first TCG was MissingNo, introduced to me by a friend who doesn't play TCGs anymore, sadly. I join mostly anime TCGs, since I'm a huge anime junkie! I welcome all trades, even if they're mc only trades! I'm also looking for awesome trade buddies for the TCGs I'm in! If you're interested, feel free to email me or let me know in your tradeform!

A little more about me — I love Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and strawberry lemonade! Maple, Raichu, Natsu Dragneel, and Prompto Argentum are my all time favorite characters! I collect funko pops, teddy bears / stuffed animals, and craft supplies ( seriously tho guys, someone stop me lol ). I play video games mostly on my Switch, but I do play them a lot on my PS4 and Xbox as well! Feel free to add me! ( 。•̀ ᴗ– )ъ

If you join any TCGs that I'm a part of, please say that Kupo referred you!